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 December 2023, Volume 3, Issue 3

Volume 3, Issue 3
December 2023


ACOS23O-001: Using Autologous Human Hair Follicular Stem Cells for Male Pattern Hair Loss (MPHL) & Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL) in Asian Populations
Chee Ling Tan

ACOS23O-002: The Use of Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cell Derived Cytokines and Growth Factors in The Management of Androgenetic Alopecia
Wingjian Foo

ACOS23O-003: Factors Influencing Cosmetic Product Purchases Among Malaysian Consumers: A Systematic Review
Muhammad Farhan Abdul Rashid, Ernieda Md Hatah


ACOS23P-001: Lip Matte Containing Shea Butter and Titanium Dioxide Improves Lips Wrinkles and Roughness
Nur Izzati Mohd Shahrol, Suhaila Sujani, Adibah Hanim Ismail, Najmi Ismail

ACOS23P-002: Wood Lamp Finding of Axillary Erythrasma on 66-year-old Woman: A Case Report
Stefani Dyah Monisa Asmarani Hernowo, Muh Nazir Lathif, Stefina Nathania, Muhammad Fatah Anugerah Akbar, Fadhilah Isaac Kartika, Hafiidh Ilham Kharisma

ACOS23P-003: Severe Case of Erythroderma with Hypoalbuminemia in a 61-Year-Old Indonesian Female Caused by Drug Hypersensitivity
Muh Nazir Lathif, Sri Primawati Indraswari, Moh. Abdurrokhman, Emi Ratnawati, Yeremia Suryo Pratama, Stefani Dyah Monisa Asmarani Hernowo, Fadhilah Isaac Kartika, Rozandra Dewanthy Ayu Kartika Putri

ACOS23P-004: Safety and Efficacy of Combination 10 Sessions of Q-Switched Nd: YAG 1064nm and Pulsed Dye Laser 595 nm on The Chinese Female Patient With a Hyperpigmented Skin Lesion
Nicole Ng I, Lai Yean Chen, Tan Soo Hua, Ng Chia Wen, Adibah Hanim Ismail, Muhamad Farhan Abdul Rashid

ACOS23P-005: Treatment of Melasma and Solar Lentigo with Picosecond Laser-A Case Report

Hafsah Sazali, Maizatul Sharidah Meor Zul Hassan, Siti Norbazilah Mohamed Zain 

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