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Advertisement Policy

JAPA relies on advertising and sponsorship to help us provide value to our users. These guidelines are intended to ensure that we conduct business in accordance with JAPA values. Our users and customers expect JAPA to be reliable, independent, and honest. That expectation should be supported by our advertising and sponsorship:

• JAPA accepts advertising for products and services that users will find useful in their personal and professional lives. Advertisements and sponsorship must be legal, decent, and truthful, as well as adhere to the applicable laws, regulations, and industry codes for the geographic area in which they appear.

• Our users should be able to tell the difference between advertising and editorial content right away. Advertisement features must adhere to JAPA guidelines.

• Advertisements for products making therapeutic claims but lacking marketing authorization or FDA/CE/MDA marking (or a local equivalent) should be submitted with all claims supported by full-length research papers published in peer-reviewed journals.

• Sponsored content should be easily distinguishable. Our users must be able to see the nature of any commercial relationship. Advertising and sponsorship should be delivered in a contextualised manner. Surreptitious or subliminal advertising is strictly prohibited.

• Advertising and sponsorship are not permitted to influence editorial decisions at JAPA.

• Users' access to editorial content should not be hampered by online advertising or sponsorship.

• We accept competitor advertising and sponsorship.

• We do not accept tobacco-related advertising or sponsorship, nor do we accept products and services from tobacco companies, foundations, or wholly owned subsidiaries.

• Editorial control is exercised over advertising and sponsorship. The editor-in-chief of JAPA reserves the right to accept or decline advertising and sponsorship proposals. If a proposal is rejected for reasons other than those specified in these guidelines, the editor-in-chief will provide explanation.

To know more about advertisement opportunity, kindly contact us at or call us at +6016 626 7078

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