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JAPA 1/2021, VOLUME 1 (1)

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Expert Opinion

Case Report

Extended Abstract

Letter to Editor

Effectiveness of Smart Phone Use for Clinical Photograph
Devananthan Ilenghoven, Nur Azida Mohd Nasir, S. Fatimah Noor Mat Johar, Shah Jumaat Mohd Yussof

Research Article

The Business and Psychological Impact and Barriers of Medical Aesthetic Services in Malaysia During Covid-19 Pandemic
Ernieda Hatah, Adibah Hanim Ismail, Daniel Looi, Noor Shahirah Suparji, Ungku Mohd Shahrin Mohd Zaman

Non-Surgical Medical Aesthetic Treatment Algorithm For General Practitioners in Malaysia
Ungku Mohd Shahrin Mohd Zaman

Iatrogenic Dyschromia: A Preliminary Report On 6 Cases of The Clinical, Dermoscopy and Histopathological Findings
Julius G. Gatmaitan, Jolene Kristine G. Gatmaitan-Dumlao, Johannes F. Dayrit

Long Pulsed Nd: YAG Laser Treatment for Hair Removal in Healthy Subject
Siti Maria Juwaini, Ahmad Zailani Sukri, Isma Liza Mohd Isa

Scalp Micropigmentation Corrective Treatment with Hair Transplant
Inderjit Kaur

Transient Hypopigmentation Induced by Q-Switched Nd: YAG Laser
Junitha Tajul, Ungku Mohd Shahrin Mohd Zaman

Utilization of Lyophilized Platelet-Rich-Plasma in Aesthetic Facial Treatment
Chin Shih Choon, Daniel Looi

PROTOCOL: Safety and Efficacy of Topical Agent, Oral Antioxidant, Laser Therapy and the Combination of Such for Melasma among Malaysians with Fitzpatrick Skin Type III-IV (STALCMA)
Adibah Hanim Ismail, Ernieda Md Hatah, Ungku Mohd Shahrin Mohd Zaman, Daniel Looi

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